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established in 1978

With almost 40 years of existence, we deploy our technical means, our experience and our creativity to design specific ‘customised’ solutions to meet the requirements of our contractor clients as well as possible.

A human sized


Our Engineering Office based in Toulouse is permanently constituted of two Senior engineers, a control-production manager, a junior engineer (ongoing recruitment), and two project-designers on a 3D Inventor station.

Our production is manufactured in a European workshop which has been a close associate for several years and of which ERSEM holds a participation. Among other things, this organisation enables us to meet the quality and competitiveness criteria required by our specific business.


This human-sized structure remains adapted to our profession as designers, while allowing us to focus on a quality of working relationships with our customers, to which we attach great importance.

A team at the heart of

the construction process

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Each member of our team is passionate about this demanding job, from the design engineer to the draftsman, through our Production Manager and the workshop staff.

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Our approach is based on constantly listening to our customers, because of increasingly complex achievements and increased competition. Understanding your needs, involving ourselves in your problems and entering your world, is the key that allows us to come up with simple, relevant and financially optimized solutions, meeting the essential requirements of SECURITY, ERGONOMICS and PRODUCTIVITY.

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We support you from the first drafts to the implementation on your sites of our equipment as our technicians are dedicated to advice and provide ‘turnkey’ services.
We want to be present at your side on job sites during the installation and commissioning of our equipment, as it is an essential asset ensuring the safety of your staff by providing training in the use of the equipment.
Beyond the security aspect, thanks to the presence of our control-production Manager on site, we can react quickly in correcting the ergonomic detail that will improve your productivity. This ‘final touch’, which completes the equipment as close as possible to the user’s own needs, allows your staff to exploit the full potential of ‘custom-design’ equipment.
Our existing customers can attest to this, this service is one of the key assets of our company.

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We give feedback a great importance. We no longer build like we did 20 years ago, your needs change, so we strive to develop solutions that are better and better adapted to the technical and human needs of our specific job, with the constant desire to progress.
Experience teaches us humility and each new realisation is a source of learning. This is an essential aspect of our presence on construction sites, the only way to better know your reality, react in the most relevant way possible and continue to improve.

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